Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Bomb

I wanted to post something special today.

I've learned a lot of writing techniques and approaches from reading David Farlands "Daily Kick in the Pants." I've never met David, but I've been reading his writing posts for years. I feel like I know him. I really respect his ideas and his willingness to help new authors. I can't express how much I've learned from him.

He is in a little trouble now. His son was in a terrible long boarding accident and the medical bills are going to be astronomical, especially because he doesn't have health insurance.

This is a picture of his poor son, Ben. He is in a coma right now and they are not sure what he is going to be able to do after he wakes up.

Money from these books will help pay for medical expenses for Ben Wolverton, a 16 year old who suffers from brain damage, broken bones, broken ear drums, pneumonia, and is in a coma. He is the son of author David Farland. Please help.


Barnes and Noble: 

The Nightingale website (get print and audio editions here!): 

or get the enhanced version complete with illustrations, interviews, animations, and its own soundtrack through iTunes:

Outside of the U.S.? No problem! Buy it off your usual Amazon site, the U.S. Amazon site, or the Nightingale website!


Barnes and Noble:

Outside of the U.S.? No problem! Buy it off your usual Amazon site, the U.S. Amazon site, or the Nightingale website!

Help raise money by going on a shopping spree through the U.S. Amazon. The Wolvertons will get a small percentage of everything you purchase--whether you purchase one item or 50. Just make sure you START your shopping through this Nightingale link!

You can donate money straight to the Wolvertons right here:

Learn more about Ben and his condition at this website:

Thank you and happy helping!

Today, several authors are sponsoring a book bomb for David Farand's book "Nightingale." For those of you who are not familiar with a books bomb, it just means that everyone is buying his book on the same day - today. This will push his book up the charts and hopefully, get the novel more recognition. And that means more money to cover the bills.

So if you are on the look for a new book and you also want to help out a great guy, go to and purchase a copy of his book HERE. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Sounds of Writing

I've found that I write best when I have setting into the right kind of mood. Music is crucial for getting myself in the zone. The problem is that there are different moods for different scenes.

For example, in one of the first scenes of All for Owen, I want to convey a very specific feeling to the reader. I found this song "In Heaven" by The Pixies that set the right tone. You have to listen to this specific live version because it has a very unique quality.  Kim deal sings it in this version rather than Frank Black, who usually sings this song.

Take a listen.

Awesome, right?

There is this creepy eery feeling that contrasts with the almost innocent lyrics. This is the essence of All for Owen, especially in the beginning.

Without giving away too much, there is an important task that the main characters need to accomplish. This journey (literal and figuratively) is captured in the moods of "Doors Unlock and Open" by Death Cab for Cutie.

Again, this has some really unique emotions in the song.

I like to create a mental soundtrack for my writing because it helps me write in the proper tone.
All for Owen should convey the innocence of some and the pure evil of others. Listening to songs like these really helps me get into the proper frame of mind. I'll try to post more inspirational songs as I go.