Friday, November 30, 2012

New Begining, New Ending

I'm back to work on All for Owen after several weeks of stalling. I had time to write, lot's of it. But I was a little unsure about the story and where it was going.

I'm happy to announce, inspiration struck.

Well, I'm not all that happy. There is also the scary feeling that comes with butchering my existing outline. I'm making some serious plot changes. The only way this story will work, and have the kind of impact I'm looking for, is if I change the ending. And to change the ending, I need to change the beginning -- a lot. It's daunting but it's a good thing.

I'm really excited about the new direction because it feels like it is supposed to be that way. Like I've already written the story a long time ago and now I'm trying to remember how it's goes. That's a really cool feeling.

I re-outlined the entire novel and added a few more plot points and characters that I'm stoked to write. Now, I just need to get in gear and write.

Motivational quotes, anyone?