Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Am Inspired

It's time to rant about another book I've read and adore. This book is special to me because it got me interested in reading and thus writing. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson.

When I was in school, I wasn't a reader. I had to take those classes to help me read. I remember during reading time, I would look over a book and get nothing out of it. My eyes would literally breeze over the pages while I daydreamed about something else. I figured it was just because I didn't like reading. And, in some respects, I was right.

It wasn't until very early on in college that I picked a book to read that I was excited about. I had a reading class and the teaching did something amazing. She gave us the option to pick a book to do a report on -- any book. She didn't have a preselected list of books, like they do in grade school.

I thought about it and decided that I'd actually be interested in reading I Am Legend. I bought the book, because the customary 2-week period that a library gives you wasn't enough for me. I was a really slow reader. I didn't want to deal with the added pressure. It's silly now that I look back at it.

I read I Am Legend at my own pace and I LOVED IT! There was something beautiful about the story telling that really spoke to me. I cared about the protagonist. I found time to read between classes. For the first time in my life, I read because I enjoyed it. I got something out of those words and I didn't daydream while I read, I day dreamed about the story during class (I know -- that's a whole other issue.) I devoured that book and wanted more.

I sometimes regret not reading I Am Legend Sooner. Maybe I would have loved reading and writing earlier in life. Either way, the story means a lot to me. It's short and simple and it's gritty and beautifully written.  Everyone should give it a try.

Matheson is a huge influence on my own story telling. I strongly suggest reading it. (It's better than and completely different from the movie.)  

Monday, December 3, 2012


I saw a news report on the supposed 'end of the world' according to the Mayan calendar. Don't get me wrong, I love the end of the world scenario. I'm writing about the end of the world for crying out loud! But a lot of people have been freaking out about it and prepping for the end or planing on committing suicide before the end. Really, all the stupid things that people think when the end is coming. I have a different problem with the end -- procrastination.

Originally, my goal was to finish the first draft of my story by December. Obviously that deadline has come and gone. So I'm still working hard on All for Owen, but now I don't have a goal. I've honestly been planning on setting a new goal for the first draft on New Years eve.

I'm being lax now, so I can set myself up for a successful New Years resolution! I know, I'm just as bad as those doomsday, eat drink be merry folks!

I can't let it happen.

My new goal is to finish the first draft before December 21st. That's right, while people are stocking up on gas masks and practicing their zombie survival skills, I'll be writing furiously (well, I'll also be practicing zombie survival skills -- don't judge). Because this goal is for this year. And on New Years Eve, my resolution will be to rewrite, polish and submit my COMPLETE manuscript to a lucky literary agent.

Bring it on Mayan's!