All for Owen

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"War, Repression, Famine, Plague... Pray for luck, pray for change."

Seventeen-year-old Jason Lowe has been able to hide from a broken world in his forgotten neighborhood. He can hide from the horrors of the man-made plague, because he’s immune. But when the creatures called Angsts discover Sunset Street, he can’t hide anymore.

The night Jason is late for watch, the Angsts, creatures clad in historical masks, bring the plague and infect his community. But Jason isn't the one chosen to save his home. Instead, he becomes the side-kick to twelve-year-old Owen Rosner, Sunset's least valuable resident.

Now the boys of Sunset have one shot at saving their community, to travel across the hazardous valley and trade for antidotes. But everything rests on keeping Owen Alive.

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