The Cause

The only way to fix the system is to break it.

Long after the government falls, one city is founded in it’s place. Residents of the city are granted bodies that never age or grow tired. During the day, residents work to reach new potentials and, since sleep isn’t needed, celebrate all night. But living in Utopia does have a catch. Guilt is a crime punishable by death. Air Dressler’s new job description lands him on the city’s firing squad. He finds it impossible to enforce the law without breaking it himself. Through long-forgotten memories and a group of reluctant rebels, Air learns how to break the city. But if he is really going to carry it out, he will have to choose between friends and ideals all the while fighting his own guilt.

Clint Stoker's debut novel, The Cause,  is available on

"The Cause is a very good book. So good, in fact, that it has earned itself a spot on my top ten book list! It caught my attention from the first page and I couldn't put it down until I was finished." - Amazon review, A Cat and A Book.

"Highly recommended and I am hoping for a sequel!" - Amazon review, Videogamer.

"To me this book reminds of The Giver. I imagine this is what you would get if you crossed The Giver with The Hunger Games... Verry well done!" - Goodreads review, Becky Arundale.

"The ability to raise questions is only one element of what I feel makes a great story, a story everyone should try reading at least once. It doesn’t matter if you’re blown away by the plot or not, there are those narratives, which will make you think and make you question during and after you’ve finished. They make the reading all the more enjoyable because of that and I think they’re very important stories. The Cause, for me, was one of those stories." - Bonnie, Bookish Ardour.

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