Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A lot of my research lately has been looming around politics. It helps that I am taking a class right now that also wants me to stay caught up on all the latest in politics. I've been looking at it all from a very different perspective than I used to. For a lot of people, politics is about the issues and the parties. This makes sense because... well that's just how politics work now days. But, if you look at the politicians and how they talk about their issues, there are some interesting things to learn.

So what have I learned? Nothing, really. I can't put my finger on an exact problem or an exact solution, but by watching how politicians maneuver and coerce the public to agree. It's actually really fascinating. Some people (not just politicians) use scare tactics. They spell out these big hypothetical disasters that will inevitably occur if they don't get their way. It can be frightening because people put a lot of faith in these nay Sayers.

The thing that scares me, is the "boy who cries wolf" scenario. What if someone actually has a valid warning and the public doesn't pay heed because we are too used to it? This is all great stuff for my next book.

What do you think? What scare did you buy into? swine flu? Y2K? Anthrax?    

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