Thursday, November 10, 2011

A REALLY Great Review!

Over the past 3 months, I have given out dozens of copies of "The Cause" to reviewers. I expected it to take awhile for reviews to start trickling in from the internet because people are busy and reviewers usually have several books they are reading all at one time.

I am please to announce that the wait is over.

Dottie Randazzo of "Reader Of Everything" has given "The Cause" a great video review. It's posted on and it should shortly make it's debut on her YouTube channel.

Usually, reviews make me a little nervous because I have no control over it. Reviewers can be harsh, as I experienced in my amateur music career. Apparently, the author of this blog didn't think highly of my singing and the record in general.

Since, I've become accustomed to big thumbs down, I've lost the fear of rejection. What's the worst that can happen right? Because every bad review only helps me get better. Not to mention the fact that good reviews are so much more special.

"The Cause" has made me really proud. I enjoyed writing it and now that reviews are starting to surface, I can see that my readers are genuinely enjoying it too.

Thanks for all your support. I'm going to take this adrenaline rush and put it to good use on my next book!

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