Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shout Out.

Feels like forever since I last posted. I guess the holidays and finals do that.

I've been thinking a lot about marketing my books lately. So far, I've had more success that I had actually expected, though I'm far from a best seller. I think a HUGE part of my success has been the book trailer that Jay Jensen did for me. Seriously, it's hard enough to write, publish and promote your own novel, but making everything look professional is another challenge altogether.

A big part of my marketing strategy has been to send free e-book copings to my friends and anybody else willing to blog or vlog about it. I believe this is where most of my success has come because my readers sell the books for me. Sweet deal huh? Well, nobody with a trusted opinion would read my book if it weren't for the trailer Jay did.

I like to troll the internet looking for book reviewers with big audiences. When I find them, I send them an email along with the book trailer. And that's when I have them. I always get a response that goes something like this.

"Wow! This book looks awesome! I can't wait to read it!"

I know they aren't getting that impression because I'm such a handsome guy. I don't send pictures after all. (Hmm... there's an idea) No, they are drooling over the novel because of the video trailer.

So here I go. I try not to do this took often, but here is my official endorsement for JJ Productions. I wouldn't have sold books without readers, I wouldn't have readers without reviewers, and I would have no reviewers if it hadn't been for the amazing book trailer.

If your thinking about going the ind-publishing rout, let me know! What are the best book trailers you've seen?

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