Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Words Of Encouragement

Yet another review, this time from an Australian blogger, has graced the internet with more insight on THE CAUSE.

As I read this review, I was really nervous. I'm always nervous when I read a review of my own work, but this time my gut was in slightly tighter knots. Not because this review was bigger or father reaching, but I could really tell she dug deep.

So how did it turn out? Great! She gave THE CAUSE 4 out of 5 stars, and said some really encouraging things like:

"The ability to raise questions is only one element of what I feel makes a great story, a story everyone should try reading at least once... The Cause, for me, was one of those books."

Yeah, pretty cool, right? This was possibly the high point of the article, though there was a lot of good stuff. Rather than filling you all in, I suggest you go check out the BOOKISH ARDOUR blog yourself. And to all you loyal readers, please, please, please share the link of Facebook and/or Twitter. It helps me a lot in my future writing endeavors.

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